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Civil cases do not deal with any criminal actions, but rather with disputes between private parties. A civil case can be defined as a personal action instituted to compel payment or the performance of some other act. The end purpose of most civil cases is to obtain a judgment for money, but judgment is also sought to either compel or enjoin some action.

Our Civil Department handles lawsuits within the Jurisdiction Limits of up to $10,000.

Applications for Occupational Driver's Licenses, Civil Appeals from the Justice Court, Appeals of Driver's License Suspension from Justice Court or Non-Disclosure cases are maintained in the County Clerk's Office.

Civil Cases filed in our Office

  1. Injury/Damage
  2. Civil/Contract
  3. Occupational Driver's License
  4. Nondisclosure
  5. Bond Forfeitures
  6. JP Appeals
  7. Condemnation

Gray County is now mandatory for attorneys to e-file on all civil matters pursuant to Supreme Court Order 13-9092.


Civil Filing Fees as of 09.01.17

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