Gray County Clerk

Birth & Death Certificates

Obtaining a Birth/Death Certificate

Only a qualified applicant may obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate. Qualified applicants include:

◦Brother or Sister
◦Legal guardian
◦Managing conservator
◦The registrant
◦Legal representative
◦Agent or other person acting under contract for the registrant

Required Information

◦Full name on birth / death record
◦Date and place of birth / death
◦Father's full name
◦Mother's maiden name
◦Name, address, and phone number of requestor
◦Relationship to person on birth / death record
◦Purpose for requesting a copy
◦Copy of your driver's license must be attached to your application

Any Texas birth certificate may be purchased in Gray County, this office uses a remote access system to obtain the State's records dating at this time, from 1926 to present. Death records can only be obtained if the death occurred in Gray County and are available from the 1900's to present.


Cash, cashier's check, money order, credit or debit card.
◦$23 per birth certificate copy
◦$21 for the first death certificate copy and $4.00 each additional issued at the same time.



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