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 Official Real Property Records

Real Property Records

Since the beginning of county government, the county clerk's office has had the responsibility of keeping the records of which citizens own what property.

The instruments are filed and recorded in a safe and permanent manner and an index is provided so records may be easily and completely retrieved. Visit our Real Property Records online database or by coming into the office.


To be eligible to be recorded a document must have the following attributes:

  • Be a document that is statutorily authorized to be recorded.
  • The document must be the original or a certified copy.
  • There must be a title at the top.
  • If it's a deed, the grantee's address must be listed.
  • If it's a deed of trust, the trustee or beneficiary's address must be listed.
  • All other documents must have a return address listed on the bottom or back.
  • The signatures must be original.
  • Your name must be printed or typed underneath your signature.
  • There must be a completed original notary acknowledgement with seal. Seal and notarial commission must not have expired date and must be legible.
  • The property must be located in Gray County and include the complete legal description indicating property is in Gray County, Texas.
  • A margin of at least an inch is required on top, bottom, left and right on each page of a document.

A document conveying an interest in real property to or from an individual must include a confidentiality notice. The notice must appear at the top of the first page in a 12-point boldfaced type or uppercase letters, and read substantially as follows:

Notice of Confidentiality Rights

If you are a natural person, you may remove or strike any or all of the following information from this instrument before it is filed for record in the public records. This information includes your social security number or your driver's license number.

Filing & Fees

The filing fee is $26 for the first page and $4 for each additional page. It is a crime to intentionally or knowingly file a fraudulent court record or a fraudulent document with the clerk.

Filing Fees


Notice of Trustee Sales Filed 11.27.17

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